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About This Site

I’m Charlie Johnson. Welcome to my site, a colloquial take on serious issues. I’m an academic, but I want a space to write about things in a more relaxed manner. So I use the first person and the second person, and I don’t stress over sentence fragments, and maybe some memes or pop-culture references show up. I hope scholars find this site lively and stimulating; I hope non-scholars also find it informative and accessible. Here’s my super-serious Official bio for anyone who cares.

So, why the site name? Because it ties together some of my central interests and is provocative enough to draw attention. But there’s a bit more.

Religion is history. It affirms the centrality of the sacred for understanding humans and their relationships. The religious, whatever that may be, is not simply an epiphenomenon of economics or biology. This site upholds this interpretation of “religion is history.”

Religion is history. It alleges that the inexorable march of modernity is contrary to and will ultimately be victorious over religion. Whatever anthropological or social space religion currently occupies will be either colonized or eradicated by secularizing forces. This site questions this interpretation of “religion is history.”

Religion is history. And history is our path to narrating our present and thinking through our future. Even if Earth’s religious landscape changes drastically, and it very well may, humans will still draw on religious language and concepts to make sense of their reality and articulate their aspirations. This site explores this interpretation of “religion is history.”