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Sunday Syllabus – 7/23/2017

Sunday Syllabus is a round-up of interesting articles and links that I came across over the last week. I sometimes provide a little commentary or raise questions. The content is not necessarily brand new, just new to me. If you have a recommendation, use the contact form. No promises.


FEATURED ARTICLE: Rosa Gilbert at Jacobin argues that the past and present destruction or suppression of historical records by governments makes it impossible for us to narrate credibly our national histories. This is an acute problem for historians, but a global problem for democratic nations. How can a government be accountable to the people if it can avoid reporting to the people? More on British declassification and destruction of documents from the Guardian.

Jeremiah Traeger joined some Flat Earth societies to observe their interactions. If religious cults are really only one type of epistemically closed community, this kind of engagement could lead to information valuable across many domains.

This global LGBT recap demonstrates that the growing acceptance of LGBT positions in the US is not reflective of the situation elsewhere in the world.

A comedy film about naughty nuns? The Little Hours, which drew predictable criticism from the Catholic League, just can’t be good, can it? The Public Medievalist says not only is it good, it’s even a worthy adaptation of Boccacio’s Decameron.

A Minnesota town decides safeguarding pluralist religious expression is less important than denying Satanists equal representation. The Satanic Temple has been involved in a number of similar situations lately. They are particularly good at forcing local communities to decide whether they uphold true freedom of religion or just want public expressions of Christianity.


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